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We help employers find new labour reserves. We make it easier for organisations to implement more responsible, inclusive and sustainable human rights policy.

Using Remmi as an employer:

We help your company access new labour reserves that often go unnoticed. We make it easier for you to implement more responsible, inclusive and sustainable human rights policy, which is increasingly seen as an ethical competitive advantage.


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Why Remmi?

There are more than 253,000 unemployed jobseekers and some 65,000 partially disabled people in Finland.

Most of them would like to work.

At the same time, there are as many as 203,000 job vacancies, and many employers are facing labour shortages.

In other words, there is a labour market mismatch in Finland.

This is costly from a human perspective and from the perspective of society. Various estimates put the cost at EUR 6–11 billion per year. 

Remmi aims to change the job market permanently and connect jobseekers and employers in a new way.

We aim to identify the actual obstacles to employment and solve them, even at the individual level, by providing personal advice and guidance.

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